patient and nurse reading

“My father has lived at The Oaks of Houma for two years. He is very happy here. He likes to be around other people and he is surrounded by them daily. He enjoys participating in the activities and we have a difficult time convincing him to leave the facility to visit family on holidays.”

Karen Jo D.

“Because of reasons beyond my control, my mom ended up at The Oaks of Houma. If it was my choice, my mom would have ended living with me. While looking for a nursing facility placement, The Grace of God directed me to The Oaks of Houma. My mom lived here for 1 year, 5 months, and 8 days; and in my opinion – as an only child – I thank God for making the decision to send her here. Everyone at The Oaks became my family. This facility is the only place that I would consider – the next best place to home.”

Diana C.